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 Celebration of Life Bags
wearable art bags that have been recycled, upcycled and rejuvenated
from nonprofit organizations 
that donate 100% to women, children and families.
A small step to making the world just a little bit brighter 


#144 Midnight Garden

Copper & Golden Sequin bag with detachable shoulder strap 6" high x 12"wide

extra-large orange ombre silk rose surrounded by 2 large pink satin roses 

white vintage cotton gloves with pink & golden satin rolled roses

on tiny golden caviar beads

purse $145.00/gloves $45.00

(shipping included) 


#143 Passion

Purple patent leather handbag with siler chain 5" high x 8"wide

silver rhinestone & purple spray jewel

nestled on 2 silver rosettes & purple satin rolled rose

white vintage cotton gloves with purple satin rolled roses 

purse $145.00/gloves $45.00

(shipping included) 

148 Sleeping Beauty

#148 Sleeping Beauty

pink leather zipper handbag with

pink leather strap 6" high x 13"wide

iridescent & pearl golden jewel

nestled on extra-large pink satin dahlia

vintage white gloves/pink satin rhinestone center flower

& pink satin rolled roses

purse $145.00

(shipping included)


#140 Blue Mermaid

black patent leather clutch with wrist handle 7" high x 12"wide

silver rhinestone jeweled woman in mermaid gown with

aqua marine-colored jewels on aqua silk flowers/black satin rolled rose

turquoise nylon vintage gloves/black satin rolled roses/turquoise satin carnations 

purse $145.00/gloves $45.00

(shipping included) 


#158 Emeralds

Emerald green satin big bow clutch

with cord shoulder strap 5" high x 9"wide

Emerald green flower jewel nestled on mink fur 


(shipping included)


#142 Pink-a-Boo

silver satin & beaded handbag 8" high x 7"wide

silver rhinestone spray jewel

nestled on 8 silver rosettes with 7 silver & 3 pink satin rosettes





#145 Diamond

silver embossed zipper purse/silver embossed tassel

with large golden chain shoulder strap 6" high x 9"wide

extra-large rhinestone pear shaped jeweled brooch

and pear rhinestone drop jewel 

nestled on 12 silver satin rosettes 


(shipping included)


#122 Night Blue

black satin handbag with silver chain/silver tassle 6" high x 7"wide

with blue enamel rose bouquet & smoky rhinestone encrusted jewel

nestled on light blue felt flower & blue silk flower

matching white vintage gloves with blue satin rosettes & rhinestones 

purse SOLD/ gloves $45.00

(shipping included) 

133 Weekend Reader.jpg
133 Weekend Reader jewel.jpg
133 Weekender inside 2.jpg

#133 Weekender Reader

lime green snake embossed zipper book tote 8" high x 11"wide

green felt flower with a mint green silk daisy and a moss green silk gerbera flower

with 8 silk leaves (book not included)


(shipping included)

136 Snow Queen 7.jpg

#135 Odette

silver sequin change purse clutch

with silver chain shoulder strap 5" high x 11"wide

silver rhinestone ballerina

nestled on large blush pink silk flower &

surrounded by 5 large cream satin rosettes


(shipping included)

120 Pretty Purse

#120 Pretty Blue

turquoise blue leather round pouch shoulder bag

with large aqua blue, emerald shape burst jewel

nestled on satin violet & aqua blue flowers & rosettes


(shipping included)

105 Night at the Opera

#105 Night at the Opera

vintage black fabric clutch with jeweled clip closure & a golden chain shoulder strap 6"x 10"

9 large black satin rosettes & 5 large golden rosettes on a black stone & rhinestone jeweled front, 

purse $145.00/gloves $45.00

(shipping included)


105 Night at the Opera gloves.jpeg

to order contact Anne Schwantes:
or call: 215.262.1481
Zelle - Venmo - Checks accepted

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