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Behind the Scenes


A Dream Come True

​​I had always wanted to be a

ballerina until I saw my first ​​

Broadway show, “Mame”, 

starring Angela Lansbury.

While pursuing a life in the theatre, 

I ran into Ms. Lansbury

in a NYC market. I was in awe.
After singing her praises

and telling her that she was

the reason that I went into

Musical Theatre, she said

"Honey don't blame it on me!"
I have performed in well over 100 different performances including commercials, television, film, industrials and theatre.

In the middle of all that fun,

I married a prince charming 

moved to New Hope, PA 

and have two talented young men.

The dream come true... 

I got to perform at the newly renovated historial theater, the Bucks County Playhouse

in their first big musical "Mame"

I played Mrs. Upson and understudied Andrea McArdle for Mame 


I do "Put the Blame on Mame"

for my wonderful life.


​Shoes + Movies = Shoevie 

Combining my two passions,

my love of shoes and movies...

I review and rate shoes in movies

and then show my shoes.

Check out my

Youtube Channel at 

Annie2two for videos!

Over 300,000 views!!! 

Just for fun, take a peek;

you never know what you’ll see.

Recent Projects

This Year

I started with playing

Mrs. Wilkinson in "Billy Elliot" 

at the Media Theatre.

It was an incredible experiance

and I receieved nice reviews.

Then the spring I helped

create a new ballet of Cinderella where I brought my own

special flare to the Stepmother.

I continue to work with 

Europium Dancetheater with Director/choregrapher/editor

Linda Erickson

This coming fall there will a showing of one of my favorite pieces called "The Contortionist"

at the Acme Theatre

My newest venture is creating  Shoevie Art!

 I take worn ballet point shoes

and upcycle them into art pieces.

They make lovely gifts for

the ballet lover in your life.

Working on the page now!

  They are for sale if you are interested send me an email.

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