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669 Like water for Chocolate

#669: Like Water for Chocolate
9" purple satin pointe shoe with
silver scroll applique, 

purple jersey sparkly lining,
aubergine satin rib
silver black braid trim,
 purple & rhinestone enameled
skirted ballet dancer pin tag,

smokey black jeweled brooch, 
6 grey/6 red/2 black satin rosettes &
6 silver rosettes on vamp,
red satin rose in toebox,
diamonded toe,
 silver painted sole


674 La Peri

#674 La Peri
9" green satin pointe shoe,
cotton peacock print lining,
navy blue satin rib
navy blue trim,
golden blue jeweled peacock pin tag,
large blue sapphire pear-shaped with
 blue sapphire jeweled bezel brooch, 
6 white/6 navy blue/2 light blue/
4 gold/2 turquoise blue satin rosettes &
2 pale yellow rolled satin roses on vamp,
navy blue cotton carnation in toebox,

diamonded toe,
gold painted sole



#670: Like Water
for Chocolate

golden pointe shoe(appro.8.5")
gold raw silk lining,
gold satin rib
golden velvet trim,
pearl & pink jewel pin tag,
rhinestone heart brooch, 
20 assorted pink/lavender
 satin rosettes &
5 golden rosettes &
4 dusty rose satin

rolled roses on vamp,
2 mauve organza flowers with leaves in toebox,
gold painted sole


663 Degas Little Dancer

#663: Juliet
gold pointe shoe (8.5")
gold satin ribbons,
pink satin lining,
pink lace overlay,

gold velvet trim,
golden pink petal
gold/rhinestone heart pin tag,

amethyst jeweled brooch with
16 multi pink satin rosettes &
4 fuchsia satin roses on vamp,
pink cotton carnation in toebox,
gold painted sole


662 Palm Trees at Bordighera

#662: Palm Trees at Bordighera
golden pointe shoe (8.5")
gold satin ribbons,
gold raw silk with

embroidered palm tree lining, 
gold velvet trim,
golden palm tree pin tag,
rhinestone/blue & green
jeweled brooch with
8 gold/4 blue satin rosettes &
2 blue organza flowers on vamp,
blue lace carnation in toebox,
gold painted sole

679 Onegin

#679: Onegin
diamonded parma rose
pointe shoe, 
(approx. 9")
chocolate brown satin ribbons,
floral tapestry lining, 
chocolate brown velvet trim,
black jeweled choker necklace tag,
chocolate brown glass cameo with
6 pink/10 bronze satin rosettes &
2 brown satin carnations 
on vamp,
pink cotton carnation in toebox,
gold painted sole 


635 Paris

#635: Paris
purple pointe shoe, (8.5")
aubergine satin ribbons, 
Paris print linen lining,
rhinestone trim,
Eiffel Tower keychain tag,
iridescent rhinestone 
heart jeweled brooch with 
fuchsia satin rosettes &
6 lilac satin roses on vamp,
 bright pink flower in toebox,
silver painted sole



641 Hearts & Flowers

#641: Hearts & Flowers
diamonded peach
pointe shoe (8.5")
peach satin ribbons, 
aubergine grosgrain lining,
silver braid trim,
  jeweled floral pin tag,
pink jeweled heart brooch, 
8 pink/6 fuchsia/12 peach 
satin rosettes on vamp,
peach silk rose in toebox,
silver painted sole


656 Swan Lake

#656: Swan Lake
Diamonded Lake Blue 
pointe shoe, (approx. 8.5")
baby blue satin ribbons, 
white satin lining, rhinestone trim,
rhinestone swan pin tag,
 rhinestone brooch with
8 silver/6 tiny silk blue/
2-night blue/2 white satin rosettes & 
2 silver rosettes & 
2 silk blue satin rolled roses on vamp,
white velvet flower petals in toebox,
silver painted sole

671 Firebird BalletsRusses

#671 Firebird Ballets Russes
golden yellow satin pointe shoe, (9")
golden satin ribbons & lining, 
gold velvet trim,
golden ballerina pin tag,
golden brooch with sky blue jewel encrusted in a rhinestone bezel,
6 pale yellow
 and a
royal blue
rolled satin roses/
2 golden/4 light blue/4 royal blue/

10 yellow satin rosettes vamp,
golden silk hydrangeas in toebox,
diamonded toe,
gold painted sole



660 Juliet

#660: Juliet
blush pointe shoe (9")
blush satin ribbons,
light pink velvet lining, 

rhinestone trim,
rhinestone crown pin tag,
rose gold rhinestone &
pearl brooch with

12 light pink/6 mauve/
6 bright pink satin rosettes &
  2 pink satin roses on vamp,
pink silk rose in toebox,
gold painted sole


637 Paris

#637: Paris
diamonded red 
pointe shoe, (approx. 8.5")
red velvet ribbons, 
Paris print linen lining,
royal blue trim,
Eiffel Tower keychain tag,
golden jeweled baroque with
6 blue/3 red satin rosettes & 6 golden rosettes &
3 red satin roses on vamp,
blue hydrangeas in toebox,
gold painted sole


653 Snow Queen

#653 Swan Lake
diamonded white satin 
pointe shoe (approx. 9")
white satin ribbons, 
white velvet lining, silver lace trim, 
silver rhinestone swan pin tag,
silver rhinestone jewel
ed brooch,
18 royal blue/8 sla
te blue/6 white 
satin rosettes on vamp &
a rhinestone teardrop jewel with
2 silver/2 royal blue/1 slate blue
satin rosettes on the heel,
blue silk hydrangeas in toebox,
silver painted sole


606 Autumn Fairy

#606: Autumn Fairy
diamonded orange  
pointe shoe, (approx. 8.5")
orange satin ribbons, 
purple velvet lining,
silver braid trim with
12 orange satin rosettes,
purple ballerina pin tag,
purple rhinestone heart jewel
4 purple satin rosettes &
2 purple satin roses &
10 silk wildflowers on vamp
orange silk flower in toebox,
gold painted sole


661 Odette

#661: Odette
white satin pointe shoe
with silver floral lace (approx. 9")
white satin ribbons, 
silver satin lining,
silver lace
rhinestone swan pin tag,
rhinestone spray jewel with
10 peach
/8 silver/4 white 
satin rosettes &

3 white satin rolled roses on vamp,
white feathered toebox,
silver painted sole

607Romeo and Juliet

#607: Romeo & Juliet
diamonded yellow  
pointe shoe, (approx. 8.5")
golden satin ribbons, 
gold silk lining, gold braid trim,
gold crystal dancer pin tag,
emerald cut amber jewel
6 brown/4 cream/4 gold 
satin rosettes & 2 gold bows &
2 white satin roses on vamp
yellow silk rose in toebox,
gold painted sole


681 Mrs.Dalloway_

#681 Mrs. Dalloway
orchid satin pointe shoe, (9.5")
dusty plum satin ribbons, 
floral cotton lining,
antique silver braid
purple enamel ballerina pin tag,
purple cameo with a
floral bezel brooch with
10 purple/2 pink satin rosettes & 4 pink satin roses &
4 lilac carnations on vamp,
2 teal green cotton carnations in toebox,
silver painted sole


644 Gingerbread

#644: Gingerbread
baby blue pointe shoe wrapped with white lace (approx. 9.5")
baby blue satin ribbons, 
baby blue satin lining,
braided copper trim,
blue enamel ballerina pin tag,
blue jeweled copper baroque style brooch with
6 peach/6 red/2 blue/
2 golden satin rosettes 

2 blue carnations on vamp,
cobalt blue silk rose in toebox,
gold painted sole


685 Odette

#685: Odette
white satin pointe shoe (9.5")
white satin ribbons & lining,
silver & rhinestone chain trim,
rhinestone swan pin tag,
 rhinestone & pearl medallion brooch with 
 12 pink satin rosettes & 
2 white satin carnations &
3 pink satin flowers &
2 silver/rhinestone rosettes 
on vamp,

white satin carnation in toebox,
silver painted sole


678 Secret Garden

#678: Secret Garden
diamonded tyrion rose 
pointe shoe(appro. 9")

rose floral cotton lining,
azalea satin rib
golden braid trim,
green enamel butterfly pin
with pearl drop
fuchsia jeweled brooch, 
10 mint/2 pink satin rosettes &
2 rolled satin roses &
2 pink carnations on vamp,
pink cotton lace
carnation in
gold painted sole


680 Woolfe Works

#680: Woolf Works
diamonded teal pointe shoe (9.5")
satin teal lining,
velvet teal rib
silver braid trim,
golden teal tutu ballerina pin tag,
silver jeweled leaf brooch, 
9 dark blue/7 silver
satin rosettes &
4 teal/2 silver
satin carnations &
4 silver rosettes on vamp,
2 dark blue cotton carnation 
in toebox,
silver painted sole


682 Cinderella

#682: Cinderella
golden yellow satin 
pointe shoe (appro.9.5")
gold satin lining & ribbons,
silver fringe trim,
golden carriage pin tag,
rhinestone crown brooch, 
8 pink/6 rose/6 yellow
satin rosettes &
2 large yellow satin
carnations on vamp,
large pink satin carnation
in toebox,
gold painted sole


683 Mrs.Dalloway

#683: Mrs. Dalloway
orange satin pointe shoe (approx. 9.5")
aubergine grosgrain lining,
orange satin rib
purple floral trim,
purple enamel floral pin tag,
amethyst jeweled brooch, 
6 green/6 fuchsia/6 purple &
2 mauve satin rosettes &
4 large pink satin
carnations on vamp,
2 large aubergine
cotton carnation in toebox,
gold painted sole


to order Diamondpointes
Contact Anne Schwantes
if I don't reply within 24 hours please call
: 215.262.1481
Checks, Zelle and Venmo accepted
* free shipping in USA
Diamondpointes also available at

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